The Town of Fountain Hills is located in beautiful Arizona. It was named after a fountain located in the middle of the town that was originally constructed to attract visitors and potential residents. The town was incorporated in 1989 and experienced a huge population and building boom. The sun shines almost year round and many people call Fountain Hills home, either as a full-time or part-time resident.

According to the 2010 census, the population was 22,489 people with a population density of 1113.8 persons per square mile. Also, according to the census, the town's number of housing units is 13, 167 distributed at 577.5 per square mile. Fountain Hills is comprised of 7,121 families with 10,339 households. However, Fountain Hills current population is 23,566.

The town's majority ethnic group is white. Whites make up about 94 percent of the total population. The other 6 percent is comprised of either African American, Asian, Native Hawaiian, Native American or other races. About 18.6 percent of the households have children under the age of 18 and 59.4 percent of these households were comprised of married couples, 6.7 percent were single females and the rest of the households were other singles. Also, 11.5 percent of households with people living alone reveal that most of those individuals are ages 65 and over.

According to 2015 data set demographics, the ratio of male to female was 11,222 to 12,346. In 2015, the median and average income for the town's household has been estimated to be $89,278. The unemployment rate in this town 5 percent, meaning that the employment rate is extremely low-lower than the unemployment rate in Arizona and lower than the national rate of unemployment.

Because Fountain Hills is considered an affluent area, most people who live in there are relatively well-to-do. The average cost of a home in Fountain Hills is $349,450. Many of the town’s residents only live there in the winter, due to the mild climate. Lastly, the community does have some retirement communities where those that are retired can live in their own space. For a complete guide to the town and a fun list of events, visit