Fountain Hills Schools

Fountain Hills Unified School District

The Fountain Hills Unified School District is comprised of four separate schools; McDowell Mountain Elementary School for grades Kindergarten through second grade, Four Peaks Elementary School for grades three through five, Fountain Hills Middle School for grades six through eight and Fountain Hills High School for grades nine through twelve. In addition, the Fountain Hills Unified School District also operates a Charter School.

The Fountain Hills Charter school is comprised of two campuses and serves grades K-8. The school was established on a Montessori educational approach that emphasizes self-direction in the learning process. Rather than being categorized into grade level groups, students are organized into multi-age groups with older students acting as mentors to younger students

During the past several years the Fountain Hills schools have earned respect throughout the state for delivering quality education in a small town and friendly atmosphere. The district is known for offering excellent in education as well as an array of academic programs while garnering notable student achievement through high levels of parent as well as community involvement.

The student/teacher ratios for the Fountain Hills school district are well within the guidelines which have been mandated by the school board. More than 150 high qualified teachers are on staff through the school district. Total student enrollment for the 2006-07 academic year for the Fountain Hills Unified School District was 2,367. The district is noted for performing well within state standards, which each school in the district receiving an “Excelling” label.

Students from the Fountain Hills high school who take the SAT perform on par with or exceed the national averages for verbal and math. As AIMS testing becomes a requirement in Arizona, Fountain Hills has demonstrated the dedication and commitment to meeting or exceeding state standards. Currently, the school exceeds state requirements in all categories.