History of Fountain Hills

The Rich History of Fountain Hills

The charming town of Fountain Hills is a scenic desert community surrounded by mountains with sweeping views. The sunny Arizona town is located just east of the larger city of Scottsdale.

The history of the town of Fountain Hills goes back several decades. The town is fairly recent in its formation and was officially incorporated in 1989, almost twenty years after the development of its aquatic namesake. The name, "Fountain Hills" says a lot about the landscape of this particular town. The town, positioned amid the hills, is home to a dramatic aquatic landmark.

The fountain was originally conceived, more than 30 years ago, by a developer with a vision. The purpose of the centerpiece was to set the stage for the beauty of the surrounding community. The man-made fountain and surrounding lake quickly became an attraction. At the time of its inception, the 560 foot monument was the world's tallest fountain. More than 30 years later the town’s centerpiece remains an important part of the desert community of Fountain Hills, perfectly accentuating the beauty of the surrounding desert landscape.

The developer accredited with the development of the community is MCO Properties. The master developer of the 12,000 acre community was first established in 1978. MCO, the entrepreneurial land-development company, retained ownership of the Fountain Park until 1997, when the town acquired the rights to the 64 acre recreation area.

The water, in the town's most recognizable monument, is supplied by the nearly 30 acre man-made lake. The water is extracted from and then pumped back into the lake via the lake’s impressive centerpiece. The electric pumps deliver water into the lake's centerpiece. The fountain head is a large concrete structure which resembles a highly stylized version of a water-lily.

The graceful water plume, centered within the town's lake, is symbolic of the community's spirit and of the enterprising nature of the people who call the desert community home. The town's centerpiece is the very center of community life and is home to many community events throughout the year. The town's iconic waters are at the very heart of the desert community and are the manifestation of the wonderful people who work so hard to make the town it what it is today.

Fountain Hills boasts year-round and part-time residents and a large collection of upscale and breathtaking homes. Those homes closest to the town’s iconic fountain, boast exceptional resale value. For more information on the town, visit www.fountainhills.com.