How to Protect Your Privacy Online-Free Webinar August 10

Free August 10 “Hacking the Human” webinar to provide tips for protecting your privacy online

Who’s watching what you share online? Just as troubling, who is keeping track of your online browsing behavior and selling that and other personal data to advertisers and other corporations? 

Internet privacy is a big concern to most people today, especially since Congress recently passed and the President signed into law a repeal of Obama-era regulations that would prevent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from selling your data.

Recent statistics show that 84 percent of American Internet users say they don’t know where or how they can secure information that is contained in their email. An alarming 17 percent of adult users said they talked to people on social networking sites that they didn’t know and 35 percent spoke to people who were “friends of friends.” Most mobile users are careless as well -- just 19 percent of mobile phone owners have turned off the location tracking feature on their cell phone because they were concerned that other individuals or companies could access that information.

“Information about you, your family, and your online activities is very valuable, and a large number of companies are vying to get that data from you and turn it into profit, starting with your Internet provider,” said Michael Cocanower, president and CEO of Phoenix-based itSynergy. 

Cocanower, who has been recognized nationally and locally for his IT expertise, will conduct a free, 15-minute “Protecting Your Privacy Online” webinar on Thursday, August 10 at 11:30 a.m. Interested participants should register at

“Participants will learn how to be aware of what they are exposing online, and then use that information to make intelligent decisions about what to share and what to keep private,” Cocanower said. 

Cocanower will teach webinar participants how to take inventory of what they are giving away online; review common sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to understand where to find privacy settings and how to set them; and he will also show simple techniques to hide their identity in certain situations.

The “Hacking the Human” webinars take place at 11:30 a.m. on the second Thursday of each month. The webinars are geared towards non-technical end users in business at any level in the company. Each webinar provides useful tips to ward off cyberattacks and more complex social engineering schemes that result in theft and corporate espionage.

The schedule of webinars after August include:

September 14 – Air Gap Attacks 

Did you know criminals have invented ways to affect your computer without ever actually touching it - even if it isn't connected to the Internet or another network?  This type of attack is called an 'air gap' attack because the attack is designed to jump the 'air gap' between the source and the target machine that isn't connected to anything.  Join us to learn about the types of air gap attacks and what you need to be on the lookout for to avoid them.

    Learn the various types of air gap attacks that have been used

    Get tips on what to be aware of in your surroundings to avoid being the victim

    Steps you can take to help protect yourself from an air gap attack

    The types of things attackers can do once you have been compromised via an 'air gap' attack

October 12 – Two Factor Authentication 

One of the best ways to defeat any attack involving compromise of a password is to utilize two factor authentication.  This month we'll teach you what two factor authentication is and why it helps to defeat attacks.  We'll then discuss many locations where it is available, and how to turn it on and use it.  You'll leave armed with the knowledge of how to make settings changes that will protect some of your most frequently visited and most valuable online assets such as email, file sharing sites, banking sites, and more.

     Learn what two factor authentication is

     See various common methods that can be used for two factor authentication

     Learn the types of attacks that can be thwarted using two factor authentication

     See a list of many common websites and services that have two factor authentication available, and learn how to enable it

November  9 – Your Phone - Hacker's Friend?

When you think about hacking, do you think mostly about your computer?  What you may not realize is that more and more, thieves are targeting your phone just as much as any other device.  Because your defenses may be a bit lower when it comes to your phone, these attacks can be very successful.  Join us to learn about what you need to be aware of when it comes to potential attacks on your phone, and how you can protect yourself.

    What types of attacks are launched by criminals against your phone?

    What physical measures do you need to take to protect your phone from being hacked?

    What can the bad guys get by targeting your phone?

    Learn the steps you need to take to recognize an attack and protect yourself

December 14 – ATM Security

Out shopping for the holidays?  Decided to stop at an ATM for a bit of extra cash?  How can you protect yourself from getting hacked at the ATM?  Join us to learn how to leave the ATM with just cash, and not as the victim of a newly stolen identity or theft victim whose accounts will shortly be trained of cash.

    What techniques do criminals use at an ATM to 'get you'?

    What happens once your information has been stolen from a compromised ATM?

    Learn what to look for when approaching/using an ATM to help ensure it hasn't been compromised

    Understand how to select an ATM with the lowest probability of criminal exploit

For more information, call itSynergy at (602) 297-2400 or visit

About Michael Cocanower, Founder and President of itSynergy 

He has his black belt in the Kung Sul division of Hwa Rang Do, a Korean martial art, so it’s fitting that Michael Cocanower’s passion is helping small and medium-sized businesses defend themselves against malicious cyber intruders. A Phoenix native, Cocanower founded itSynergy in 1997, and under his leadership, the company has experienced exponential revenue growth. A long-standing Microsoft Partner, itSynergy provides strategic technology management services for small and mid-sized organizations on a fixed monthly fee. Cocanower has received numerous awards and widespread industry recognition throughout his career, including being named one of 20/20 Visionaries in Channel Pro Network magazine’s May 2016 issue. The magazine regularly turns to him for input on current IT trends, and called him a “shrewd and articulate observer of the SMB market.” In addition, the Arizona chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) recently appointed Cocanower to the board of directors as membership chair.