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Local Fountain Hills, Arizona Newspaper

The local Fountain Hills, Arizona newspaper is the Fountain Hills Times. The newspaper is published on a weekly basis and is available for home delivery. In addition, the Fountain Hills Times also has a website that is available at and offers a wealth of information about news and events in the Fountain Hills area, including a daily 4:30 news updates that offers resident the ability to check up on local news in between weekly publication dates of the Fountain Hills Times.

The Fountain Hills Times provides residents of Fountain Hills as well as Fort McDowell and The Verdes with complete news and event coverage of their communities. The first edition of the Fountain Hills Times was published on June 27, 1974. Since that time the local Fountain Hills, Arizona newspaper has continued to provide Fountain Hills residents with complete news and community activity coverage. Throughout the years the newspaper has undergone some changes. It was originally published as a tabloid and made the conversion to a broadsheet format beginning in 1980. For the newspaper’s 25th anniversary edition, a new format was revealed in 1999.

The Fountain Hills Times is a proud member of the Arizona Newspapers Association as well as the National Newspaper Association. In addition, The Times has also received a variety of awards throughout the years through competition in the Better Newspapers Contest, which is sponsored by the Arizona Newspapers Association. The newspaper has won numerous national as well as statewide awards for excellence in editing, reporting and photo journalism.

Residents of the Fountain Hills area as well as others who are interested in subscribing to the Fountain Hills Times can visit the newspaper’s website for more information on subscription prices and delivery options. Discounts are made available to new subscribers.