Dining in Fountain Hills

Fountain Hills Restaurants and Dining
Fountain Hills, Arizona is home to a number of attractions and sights, bringing in tourists practically year around. As a result, there are a number of different Fountain Hills restaurants to enjoy whether you are a resident or you are simply soaking up some of the local beauty and hospitality during a visit. Fountain Hills dining ranges from casual to more formal choices.

If you’re looking for a nice place out for dinner with friends or to celebrate a special occasion, one of the more popular restaurants in Fountain Hills is the Water’s Edge. Known for its filet mignon, this lovely restaurant offers a stunning view of one of the highest fountains in the world, the world famous Fountain Hills fountain. By far, the Water’s Edge is considered to be the best steakhouse in Fountain Hills. They also have a friendly little bar where you can enjoy a variety of different Fountain Hills wine selections.

For a more casual dinner, be sure to consider one of the Fountain Hills pizza places. The pizza parlors in Fountain Hills are a great place to gather for a casual meal with friends as well as to order take-out and enjoy a quiet dinner at home or back at your hotel room. Be sure to ask whether they deliver to the local hotels if you call an order in.

Chen’s Garden is also a good place to consider if you are in the mood for ethnic food. Their lemon chicken is said to be quite good while the ambience is everything that you would expect in a Chinese restaurant. Haha China is another local Chinese restaurant that also offers a wide array of delicious Chinese dinners and menu items. For other great Fountain Hills food, be sure to consider Sakura Inn. Their sushi is outstanding and they also offer a variety of authentic Japanese beverages as well.

The sheer number of Fountain Hills restaurants ensure that whatever your taste happens to be you will be sure to find a Fountain Hills restaurant that will appease your appetite. From standard American fare to something more exotic, you will find it in Fountain Hills.

For the more popular restaurants, including the Water’s Edge, it is a good idea to call ahead for reservations. This is particularly a good idea if you are planning a dinner out on the weekends or on popular holidays such as Valentine’s Day.